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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Acceptance of LIFE

Imagine life is like a drama?
An adventurous movie?

Seriously, I think life is a roller-coaster cycle.

I saw a lot of up and down in life of others, 
and I'm glad that I'm still part of the lucky one.

There's this little boy name Kelvin.
Born in a well-doing family with logistic business.
Parents focus is always on their business during his early childhood and
So, he stay with his auntie.

Come to a TURNING POINT where his parents decided to quit the business.
Due to the business burden and time consumption.
Now, financial issue come into the picture based on wrong asset calculation.

Do you know is the most common point of quarrel in every relationship?
Threat (EXTERNAL)?

And a family BOMBING source is about EXPECTATION

"You are expected to pay back to the money for living expenses and other investment continuity plan."

Do you feel scared to hear about this sentence, and in addition to a fresh graduate?

At the age of 21, Kelvin is facing all these due to a turning point in the family.

All these come into picture.

Now, if you are Kelvin, what will you do instead? 

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