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Saturday, July 2, 2011


i am a funny guy in your eyes
but who ever know this is the most lonely guy?

i am a playboy in some people eyes perhaps
but i actually have such thinking
in my deep hearts i just want more people to listen to me.

i am fat and ugly
this is a fact
i never deny
i maybe will bluff saying that i am handsome
but when i say that,
my soul is laughing on me--

i am a failure in love
i have such a high desire to control love relationship
i must be the winner
do you think i am a good boy friend?
i can tell you definitely not
do not choose me,
you will regret

i am a bird
well, this is a sign of freedom
do not catch me
nothing in my mind is called controlled.
so please do not friend with me if you mind

i am always speak straight
there is perhaps no wall front of me to cross
i will keep it,
there is only a highway.

i actually a coward
if you wanna call me for roller coaster,
i will say no
ghost movie i will say no
animals i will say no
even you call me to do hard work i will say no
i scare everything
even making decision.
please called a risk adverse strong man.

i am not really caring
i will not care how people are thinking somehow
i am a fishmonger
happy is all by myself
i will avoid sad issue in my life
selfish already implanted with me long time ago

you will never know
this is a bad guy
no matter what decision you wanna with him
think first
he is not a good choice to be friend
not a good choice to be valentine.

perhaps this is me
yong tian neng


penny gan said...

i dun think u r failure, i dun think you r ugly, i dun thk u r not least in my eyes, you r not as bad as what u thk, you r stil good in my eyes, you r always good son in ur parent's eyes believe urself okay...forbia to animal,ghost movie and roller coaster is jz a normal thing, we are jz normal ppl,nobody is perfect...everyone is the special 1 in this word~ jia you~~

Anonymous said...

A good friend and team partner of mine, Yong Tian Neng. :)

One day boss, forever Boss!

We will be a better man someday :)